Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not entirely forgotten

No, I've not forgotten this blog. But I have wondered what I can usefully bring to it that wouldn't just be re-iterating everything that's been already going around.

Yes there are social issue that need dealing with. And there are people who want to control the world, control us and mash us underfoot and destroy nature. It's that simple. I don't understand their need to do so, but it comes from a frightened ego, one they've inherited down the family lines or picked up from somewhere. Trying to oppose force with force, though, becomes a little futile.

When inner change is achieved, I believe (and hope I'm not wrong) and I mean on a mass scale, those people will have no power over us.

What is required for inner change? Not religion, not ideology, not forcing others to accept our beliefs.

We need to accept ourselves.

We can follow a few basic rules:

be kindhearted to all life - including your own,

spend a little time each day being aware of your own inner experience of that moment and remember that everyone else, including animals and I suspect plants, are also having an inner experience in relation to their worlds,

love your life, no matter what shape it is in.

These rules are not ones to be obeyed, but a way of being that is simply a basis for a better world. They are not difficult and do not demand much. But with this little, something may be achieved.