Friday, August 12, 2011

The aim here

I should point out that, in this blog, I am not trying to convert anyone to an ideology. Quite the opposite, since I believe that ideologies are ultimately limiting. Rather, I am trying to put into mind the notion that the nonsense going on in the world doesn't have to happen.
Nonsense? Like hunger and suffering, environmental degradation, indeed ideologies themselves. Fundamentalism, religious and atheist/scientistic, materialist, political - any trying to make others believe as oneself does. It does not involve changing your fundamental beliefs, just taking out the you must be like me component. Our beliefs are largely hand-me-downs and little else, so why expect others to accept yours. (Though they can change and evolve, yes.)
My point is that by working together we can do little and accomplish a lot. But I'm not even trying to force that point of view, I just want us all to hold that thought in mind. Eventually, my feeling is, that thought will develop in our minds something that can allow positive change. We create the ideal conditions in ourselves so that change for the better can naturally manifest from within.

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