Monday, August 8, 2011

You may think

You may think from the previous post that I have communist leanings. Well, compared to the Bushes I guess I do. But I am not a communist any more than I am a capitalist and I do not see why these are seen as the only two possibilities.
A political system can exist in which people organise to assist each other, that their (our) efforts are effective and direct and really are assisting the others intended rather than feathering the nests of those 'organising' relief efforts (I am thinking of aid to certain disreputable countries).
Indeed, why does any political system need to exist at all? Organisation and coordination are required, not politics, which only prevents the right thing from being done or at least slows it down, whilst promoting the causes of those in politics. Perhaps we can organise ourselves to make government redundant - doing all the work that they are supposed to take care of but don't...

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