Friday, August 5, 2011

Starting Post

I have started this blog because lately I can't help thinking that if we all, the human race, worked together, then we could accomplish amazing things.
If we were united in the pursuit of a better world then that world would have no option but to exist. A united people could solve virtually all the problems that we currently have. So much talent and ability and learning exists on this wonderful Earth that if it was applied we could create peace, prosperity, beauty and happiness. I do not mean that nothing would ever go wrong again, of course, but it would be much less than is currently the case.
One of the key obstacles here is that most of us do not realise just what we can do. It would, I believe, take only a very little from each of us, far less than we are capable of, to make our heaven on earth.
I am hoping that there will be readers who can contribute their thoughts and ideas. We are Billions Strong and if we put our minds to it, nothing can stop us.
Environmental degradation, human suffering, poverty, all life out of balance can be turned around so that future generations will need a dictionary to find the meaning of these archaic and obsolete words.
I shall be writing on this and posting articles that can bring us together.
I am no way naive enough to believe that everyone on Earth would agree to this - there are those with a vested interest in division; and those whose minds are so caught up in beliefs that run counter to this, fundamentalists (religious or otherwise). I rather hope and believe, however, that the majority of people do not fall into these categories and that, given the chance and reason to hope, would consider better options for our planet and ourselves.
So I am writing and hoping that people will contribute to the conversation with their own thoughts, feelings, insights and suggestions.

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