Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For our lifestyles

I am not yet really sure what I am doing with this blog because I do not exactly know how it can help. At the moment, the @billionsstrong twitter account is following and re-tweeting others whose concerns are environment, spirituality, assisting people and other species in suffering. They are also being picked up by The Billions Strong Edition online paper (a site).

What more I have to contribute at this moment is difficult to say.

But my Central Message here is this: it matters less what we do externally if what happens to us internally does not support it. It needs to be natural for us to do the right thing (whatever that may be) and then it will be easy. We need to keep in mind the state of the world, so I don't say "You must do this" but rather "Just remember". If we remember that there is war, famine, disease, environmental degradation, then at least we won't oppose positive moves to an improved future and we can all do our little bits to make that cumulative difference.

Just remember:
people are suffering for our lifestyles;
animals and plants are going extinct for our lifestyles;
the Earth is being devoured for our lifestyles;
WE are suffering for our lifestyles.

WE because our lifestyles are detrimental to our inner well-being. They keep us from being true and finding ourselves and each other through overwork, even overplay; because our lifestyles are ones of excess.

But STOP and listen to the wind, watch the trees, the rain, the sun and sky, breathe deeply and touch the world slowly, and we will become aware of ourselves and our world again.

And without this start, we will find it almost impossible, I believe, to move forwards.

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